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When will I recieve the product?
Standard delivery: 5-9 days
Where is my Tracking ID?
Once we dispatch the order, the tracking ID is sent to your registered E-mail
Can you deliver on exact day?
We try to make you happy with our service, but somethings are dependent on our delivery personnel. All we promise is delivery within 5-9 days.
When to cancel/return the product?
You can cancel/return the product in 48 hrs after recieving the product
Any extra charges for returns?
Absolutely Only Tax Charges
Can I suggest any product for sale on 9kart?
Sure, click here to submit your idea:  contact or get in touch: official mail ID
Warranty for products?
Our products come with standard Manufacturers' warranty. Please refer to product specifications.
When shall I get the confirmation call for COD orders?
Generally within 12hours after you place the order. But hey, we want to sleep on Sundays and excuse that day-off for us.
Why is my order cancelled?
If it is a Cash On Delivery order, we try calling your registered mobile number 5 times before we cancel it. If you're not happy with that answer try reaching out to us:
How do I change my password?
click on forgot password link at login page

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